Getting Started
Please ensure your GSM mobile phone is "Unlocked". If it is locked, the network that supplied the phone can probably help.

Activate your Reliance World SIM
  • Step 1: Insert your Reliance World SIM into your GSM handset. Ensure your phone is on.
  • Step 2: Enter the default PIN code i.e. '20000' when in USA & Canada and '10000' when in other countries.

Note: If you forget the PIN, please contact customer care at
Making Calls
Making local/national/international Calls

Dial the number starting with the international dial code i.e. '00', '+' or '011' (even if you are calling within a country). For e.g.:
  • To dial the U.K. number (0) 203 004 3124 from UK or any other part of the world, please dial 00442030043124.
  • To dial the India number 93xxxxxxxx from UK or any other part of the world, please dial 009193xxxxxxxx

After dialing the number, if any messages like "call not allowed", "Number busy" appears- please ignore the message.

A "Request Sent" message will appear on your mobile screen indicating that your call is being connected.

After a brief pause, you will receive a call. Answer the call you will hear a voice prompt "Please wait while we connect your call". You
will be connected to the number dialled.

In case you are not able to make calls as mentioned above, please follow the instructions give below;
Dial - *11*followed by Country code followed by Number followed by #
Example – To dial India number 93xxxxxxxx, dial - *11*9193xxxxxxxx#

Note: Disable Auto-Redial –Reliance World SIM works on Call-Back technology, hence do not enable Auto Re-Dial as this will trigger
multiple call back request.

Suggestion: Store numbers in your phone directory with 00 and country code so you can dial direct from the phone book. Find the
number & press Call / Select .
Receive Calls
Please note the country code for your Reliance World SIM is 44. Your callers will need to dial your  mobile number starting with the
country code. Example: +44 x x x x x x x x x x
Sending SMS
To send a text message always enter '00', '+' or '011' before country code & number.
Example, to send SMS to a number in India, send to + 9193xxxxxxxx or 009193xxxxxxxx
Retrieve your voicemail: If your voice mail service is activated, all calls will be diverted to voicemail if you do not answer in time or if
your phone is switched off. On receiving a voice mail you will get a text message that you have a new voice mail.

Voicemail access: You can access your Voicemail account^^ by dialing 121 from your phone. Your messages play in order of last
one received. Voice Prompts will guide you to skip, replay, save & delete message.
Call Forwarding Service
Dial: 199 followed by the country code then the number you want to forward the call to:

Example: Forwarding a call to a mobile number in India 93xxxxxxxx
Press send and you get a conformation message back "Incoming call forwarded to 9193xxxxxxxx"

To deactivate Call Forward:
Dial: 199
Press send and you will get a confirmation message back "Call forwarding cancelled"
Using Short Codes
121 Check Voicemail
122 Turn ON Voicemail
123 Turn OFF Voicemail
199 Enable or disable Call Forward
187 Balance Check
154 Reliance Customer Service
Recharge / bill payment
You may recharge online by visiting the link below:

The Username and Password wil be your Reliance World SIM number. You can use both a Credit Card or a Debit Card to make the

If you face any difficulty in recharging, please do call us and we will recharge the same from our end on receiving the recharge amount.
My SIM is blocked
If you have chosen to set up a PIN and have entered it incorrectly three times, your mobile will display PIN Blocked or Enter PUK. If this
happens, DO NOT enter your PIN again, but enter your PUK number when prompted. The PUK number is available in the start up kit.

IMPORTANT – If the wrong PUK number is entered, your SIM will be permanently disabled. If this happens, please call Customer
Services for a replacement SIM.
Reliance Customer Care Contact
Email at: or you can also call at the below mentioned numbers.

Dial '154' from your Passport International SIM or  dial 00 44 203 004 3124

While  in India:
Call us at 1 800 3001 3333
Standard rates apply; please see the Passport Tariff Sheet

In USA & Canada, Please ensure your handset has 850 MHz & 1900 MHz frequency.
In Japan & South Korea - Please ensure your handset is 3G compatible (handset has 2100 MHz frequency).
The SIM will not get activated in India. It can be activated only when you reach the destination country.
Reliance World SIM                                                         Reliance International SIM Card
Order your Reliance World Sim Card now for 599 Rs/- only.
Call now at +91-8 879280968
Email: ;
Cash on delivery within Mumbai only in 24 hours.
Delivery in rest of India by courier in 24 - 48 hours only.
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